Ahhh the beauty of winter weddings! As we hit December, yes it is December, we can begin to brainstorm on some unique, cozy and seasonal-theme ideas to rock your winter wedding! One aspect that surely adds a personal touch to the day is…wait for it….party favors! Trendy couples are making a statement with favors that tell their story like nothing else can, and you can do the same!


Below, we have a few ideas that might be the perfect idea you were looking for!

Pay It Forward

Tis the season of giving and what better way to give than offering a charity donation as your party favor! If giving is important to you both, choose a charity you’re passionate about and honor them with a gift from all of your guests. Simply create favor cards that notify your guests of the donation, and place  them at each seat. You might even consider setting up a fun and festive themed table to collect the cards.

Take it and Bake It!

If you’re more of a foodie couple, then you should definitely consider customized cookie cutters as your party favor! What a great way to tie in the holidays with some cookies, am I right? Allow the cutters to be anything from your initials, to mustaches and lips, or maybe even a customized wedding logo. The options are truly endless with this one!

Warm Things Up!

If you both love to snuggle up with a cup of hot cocoa on a chilly day after an outdoor adventure, you can incorporate this idea into your party favor by customizing a hot chocolate set for your guests! Simply add both of your initials to the hot chocolate bag as well as the stir stick and you have a unique, winter-inspired party favor that your guests will love! Fun addition: you can spice up the adult party favors by adding mini Bailey’s Liqueur to their sets!

It’s All About You

No matter what you choose for your favors, just remember it’s your chance to tell your unique love story, and your guests will love it, because they love you! Happy Planning…

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