While planning a wedding, it’s so important to include aspects throughout the day that truly highlight you as a couple! It is after all…your day! So if you two are big-time goofballs or just enjoy watching people try out different activities (for a good laugh!) then you need to definitely consider adding one of these ideas to your reception list!


With A Little Song And Dance!

If you both thoroughly enjoyed a little karaoke action with your friends, back in your college days, why not relive some of that fun on your wedding night? Consider taking a half-hour to an hour towards the end of the night and dedicating it towards open-mic karaoke! Fun tip: include karaoke slips with your invites, to provide your guests with a heads up that guest participation will occur!

Gettin’ Jiggy With It!

If you two are big dancers and want to make sure that all of your guests get up and out of their seats at least one time throughout the night, then this game is perfect for you! Instead of numbering your tables, put a different song on each one that you know will get played during the dinner hour. When the song comes on that is listed at that table, everyone sitting there must get up and dance! Trust me, this will get them prepped and ready to go for that open dance floor later on in the evening!

On Your Mark, Get Set And….Gunnysack?

That’s right, we said it (but you’ve probably thought about it!) not only is gunny sack racing absolutely a blast for both children and adults, but it also incorporates that tad bit of competition that is always over the top entertaining for all! Fun tip: include a prize for the winner to entice your guests to give their best!



It’s A Perfect Pair!

Guys, this is a genius icebreaker to get your guests mingling! It’s really pretty simple, you will  need to create nametags for all of your guests that include only one part of a famous couple (Ex: one person would have Jay-Z and another person would have Beyonce). The goal of the game is that by the end of the night, your guests will have to find the second part of the couple that matches their tag! Talk about a great way for everyone to get to know each other and, you never know, maybe start a relationship of their own!

Remember, if these ideas aren’t your thing or you have some other entertainment activities you want to go with instead, that’s wonderful! Your guests are there to celebrate you both and they will have a total blast no matter what!

If you need any good advice, at any time, we’re here to help!

Your friends,

Event One