We get it, it’s the 21st century…there’s an app for everything! You just got engaged and the excitement for planning your big day has just begun.  One of the first things you do is of course, hop on to Pinterest to brainstorm some unique wedding ideas (DIY of course!) when all of a sudden you stumble upon an article about “How to DIY your Wedding DJ.”  All these thoughts start coming to mind, “Do I really need to hire a DJ, I can do this myself,” “All they do is play songs right?”  

Well folks, don’t believe the lies… There is more that goes into the importance of why you should go professional on your big day.  Don’t make this mistake, instead read these reasonings of why it is important to hire a professional!

  1. Professional = Stress-Free Reception!

    Let’s be honest, the last thing you want to do is stress about the party of your big day! You want that assurance that the music will play, sound good, and mix well with your guests. With a professional, the music is already downloaded, is the right version and will sound good! In addition, these guys and girls are trained to read the crowd and play music that your guests want to hear. Let them keep the party going for you!

  1.  You Will Have A Pre-Set Playlist

    Don’t let your guests select all the songs, or have Pandora commercials ruin the fun. A professional will allow the both of you to create a playlist that you want your reception to be based off of. This includes your special songs and your party songs. After all, this day is all about you both, your song selections should be the most important!

  1. Coordination Is Key

    The two of you have enough to coordinate on your big day already!  These professionals do this for a living, most likely they will not be new to the way that things run.  With their equipment and experience, let them guide the flow of the evening and give you that “peace of mind,” you deserve.

  1. More Than Just Music

    Nowadays, DJs provide more than just music on your big day.  Not only will they have your playlist, they will be able to amplify the sound with high quality speakers.  In addition, they provide lighting for the dance floors, which is extremely important in keeping the people on the dance floor!  

  1. Timeline Of The Reception

    Not only do these professionals provide the music, speakers and lighting, they also take charge of the timeline once the reception kicks off.  These ladies and gentlemen are trained on how to MC and make professional announcements for the bridal party entrance, toasts, first dances, etc.  Without them, it is nearly impossible to make these announcements professionally and with high quality equipment