Tasty Cake Alternatives To Spice Up Your Wedding!

We can relate to the phrase, “out with the old, in with the new,” more and more each wedding season as we continually see traditional wedding trends being replaced with unique, one-of-a-kind ideas!

One aspect of the day that is constantly bringing fresh ideas to the table (literally) is the transition from a traditional wedding cake to a more personalized dessert option that resembles the couple’s preferred sweet tooth treat!

You may be one of those couples that are on the fence of whether or not to stick with the original or spice it up a bit! That’s why we would happily like to provide you with a few wedding cake alternatives that are mouth-watering ideas you’ll love!

One For All Or All For One!

A trend that is definitely not going away in the food element is having a variety of choices. That is why a dessert bar could be the perfect alternative to include all the sweet treats you both enjoy, while also allowing your guests the choice to pick and choose their favorites! Fun food for thought: you can tailor your dessert bar to your wedding season! For our spring and summer couples, consider adding fresh seasonal fruit to your dessert items, and for our fall lovebirds, think pumpkin (always!), as well as caramel and apple infusions. Lastly, we can’t forget our winter pairs who should consider adding mint, chocolate and cranberry ideas to their list!

Presentation Is Key!

As we transition from traditional wedding themes to more modern vibes, we are noticing a difference in how food items are represented on the wedding day. Bright colors, tall glassware, extravagant displays, are all trending in the catering realm! And what better way to incorporate that trend than by having your dessert displayed in tall, elegant shot glasses! Think out of the box on this one and consider adding toppers to your shot glass dessert items that will definitely set them apart and make your guests “googly eyed” all evening long! Fun tip: choose several different flavor items that also display a variety of colors to spice up the scheme a bit!

You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream!
Yes… that is right… ice cream! But for a wedding you may ask? We say, why not! When it comes to having choices and making it your “own,” there truly isn’t a better option to have than ice cream! By allowing your guests to select their flavor of choice and as many toppings as they would like…I say you have created a recipe for a very pleased and happy crowd!

If these unique wedding cake alternatives aren’t your style, that is okay! Just remember to make the day about you both and your interests, and your guests will be happy with whatever selection you choose!

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