April is here and Spring has sprung! Yay! Local wedding professionals and wedding sites alike have predicted trends that will reign in the 2017 season, however, between those trends, which will actually be “must-haves” as we approach the April through June weddings? Read below to find out!

Simple & Natural Floral Installations

As the nature-inspired theme continues growing, there is no question that simple and natural floral and greenery installations will be a must at these upcoming spring weddings! Not only does this cut costs on elaborate florals, it also provides that ever-so popular earthy tone that 2017 couples are all about!

We’re All Family Here!

A trend we predicted for the 2017 season was the incorporation of family roots and what better way to conjoin both families together than by ruling out seating charts! That’s right, open seating will be a rule of thumb at these blooming spring weddings as this trend thrives!

Mix’n Match Styles!

The trend of having everything at the wedding “match colors” is long gone, as we have slowly seen the trend of mixing colors to create a custom palette take off these past few years! The 2017 season, however, will give “mix and match” a whole new meaning as we will see different styles blending with one another (neutral color scheme mixed with bright colored dinnerware, bold modern decor mixed with rustic touches, etc.). Mix and match will no doubt be a must this spring season!

Let The Games Begin!  

We’ve said it numerous times, but it’s because it’s ever so true….outside and interactive games will be a must! Your guests, just like you two, have been stuck inside all winter long and they are ready to breath in that fresh warm air! Having a few outdoor activities such as cornhole, giant yard games, or even your photo booth (weather dependent) will put the biggest smile on your guests’ faces and keep them sticking around a lot longer!

Remember, just because we think these will be spring wedding musts doesn’t mean they have to be for you! Every wedding is unique and that’s exactly what makes them so special! Do what makes you both happy and don’t forget to incorporate the things that matter most to you two!

Your Friends,
Event One