Your Reception

Your Way

Team Approach

No one person can do it all… effectively.  So we work as a team; two people, each with a specialty.

Music Done Right

Hate cliche wedding songs?!? So do we!
Love cliche wedding songs?!? So do we!

Everything We Can

We come to the table offering you everything we have available… 100% of our resources!

You Can Trust Us!

We’ve been entertaining at local celebrations for over 16+ years now, and we recognize that each event is unique and requires a high level of attention to minor details. From day one, you’ll have peace-of-mind with our unparalleled support and planning assistance to help organize your perfect event.

We Create Forever Moments

Everything that happens at your reception will be a tiny memory of one bigger, amazing day.  And you can be sure… these moments don’t just happen by chance.

Photo Booth Fun

Grab some friends and jump in your photo booth to capture those “let’s not show the grandparents” photos… you’ll be laughing for hours on your honeymoon!

Dance All Night

Your reception is a party, right?!?  And the hard part is behind you… so you finally let your guard down and rock it out!

Unforgettable Dances

Your special dance won’t go unnoticed, as your wedding host will get everyone in place and execute a perfectly timed, and romantic, first dance.

You'll Never Forget

Sometimes, photos aren’t even needed… those moments just naturally get engrained!


Your wedding host’s primary responsibility is to ensure your reception flows seamlessly, so you both can relax and enjoy the good company.


Nobody wants to remember your wedding host, they want to remember the party.  We’ll take the focus off of us, and put it squarely on the festivities you choose.

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