Wedding Planning Made Easy

You can finally have FUN while planning...


We’ve designed a unique online planning experience to allow you, and your guests, to access unparalleled planning resources while planning your ultimate party.  You can select your custom music, fill out planning forms, veto those crazy guest song requests, and more… anytime, anywhere!


If you’re not yet sick of making decisions for your wedding, you will be soon!  So let us help with the onslaught of things to think about by providing you fun, unique music suggestions for each aspect of your celebration.  We’ll help you make it your own…

Everything You Need... Online, Anytime

Online Planning Features:

  • Create ‘Must Play’ and ‘Do Not Play’ song lists
  • Allow your guests to submit advance requests
  • Outline important reception details online
  • Online Payments, anytime


Consult Experts

We do this for a living, so utilize our expertise to help with every intricate detail.


Plan Anywhere

Never again be bogged down by your wedding plans… you can work anywhere/anytime.


We're Always Here

Like it, or not… we’re always around to help!  You can reach us by phone, email, video chat or text anytime.


Last Minute Help

When changes happen the day before the wedding (and they will), know one will ever know…


Planning Process Explained

Once you’ve decided that you’d like to work with us for your wedding, your next step is to officially book our services. When you’re ready to move forward, the booking process is rather simple… We’ll schedule an appointment for you and your fiance to visit our Broad Ripple office to sign your contract, and collect your 50% retainer fee. Once the contract is complete, you’re off on your planning adventure!

Once you’ve reserved your DJ entertainer, you’ll have access to our online planning suite packed with helpful features to make your wedding planning as easy as possible!  You and your fiance will stay organized as you plan the intricate details of your reception, as you’re able to independently login and update your planning tools from any computer!

As the big day draws closer, we’ll contact you to schedule a final planning meeting with your assigned DJ for one month before your wedding. During this final planning meeting, we’ll spend some time outlining the evening’s agenda, and further discussing your music preferences.

How Will I Know What to Do?

You’ve got enough on your plate with the wedding planning chaos, so our full-time team of wedding pros will reach out monthly to check-in on your planning progress.  We’ll be ready to offer advice/ideas/suggestions to help with any hiccups that might trip you up throughout the detailed planning process.

As planning deadlines approach, we’ll be sure to keep you updated (and well-educated) on how to quickly, and efficiently, work through the details so you can focus on what really matters… the reason you’re doing all this planning in the first place!

When Are Our Meetings?

We’ll all be better prepared, and have a deeper friendship, if we stay in touch often throughout your planning process.  Ideally, we’d like to meet a minimum of two times as the wedding approaches (roughly 2 months, and 2 weeks beforehand).

If your schedules are hectic, or you simply live too far away, we can always work through the process using our online video chat tool.

Who All Is Involved With Planning?

When you think about the people who are important in your wedding (parents, bridal party, best man, maid of honor, etc.), those are the very people you should involve in planning the entertainment for your wedding.  You’ll be shocked at the amazing input you’ll get just from including these people as we dive into your planning together…

They can often offer objective advice, give great music suggestions, and share experience (both good and bad) of past weddings… How unbelievably valuable that info can be, and it’s right at our fingertips!