Submitted by: Karen Kennedy, Small Potatoes Exceptional Events

Karen is the driving force behind Small Potatoes. She has more than 20 years’ experience in restaurant operations and event planning in Chicago, Indiana and Vermont.

All of us at Small Potatoes are excited to announce our new partnership with our friends at Circle City Game Shows!  Lord knows we love to have fun and we have tons of it every time we load of group of foodies onto our tour bus and take them on a culinary adventure around a neighborhood in the Circle City with our Indie Indy Food Tours!  And then we thought, “How can we make this even MORE fun??”  Well, by ending our tours with a game, of course.

So that’s just what we’re going to do!

Here’s how it will work:

  1. You’ll book an Indie Indy Foodie Tour for your rehearsal dinner, wedding party, team building event, employee or client appreciation event, awards banquet, training/orientation group of new employees, birthday or anniversary celebration, or any group that loves food and fun.
  2. We’ll set up a culinary adventure of four different independently owned restaurants in one night and take you on a guided tour of them. You’ll meet the chefs and owners, sample fabulous food, have some drinks and get to know everyone on the tour.  (You’ll also be doing your part to support local businesses!)
  3. Then, at the last stop, our game show host from Circle City Game Shows will be waiting for us with a fast paced, trivia game (complete with electronic scoreboards and podiums!) and your group will compete to see who knows more about the guests of honor, or your business, or whatever the focus of your celebration is.

We’ve all had enough of the stuffy sit-down dinners where we’re stuck talking to the same person all night… Bob in IT whose socks never match. Esther the receptionist who only ever talks about her five cats. Nina the intern who’s so focused on getting pictures for Snap Chat that she doesn’t actually talk to anyone.

Now imagine that you can sit next to four different people at dinner, and four other different people on the tour bus!  (You can even choose to sit in the back of the bus like the cool kids did in high school!)  So, so, so much fun to be had.  Prizes will be awarded, bragging rights will be won, everyone will be returned to the starting point of the tour and your guests will talk about this night for years to come.  Talk about a win-win, right?

Book an Indie Indy-Circle City Foodie-Fun Package today and blow your guests’ minds!

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