Hiring an Indianapolis Wedding Planner

Contributed by:  Michele Rogers, Accolade of London

Getting married and planning your wedding should be one of the most exciting times of your life, but all too often it can be a stressful time and one that puts pressure on many family relationships.  So how can you avoid that?  Consider hiring a wedding planner.  By hiring a planner you bring someone onto your wedding team that is there to take care of you, look out for your budget, understand what is important to you and be someone you can count on every step of the way.

A good planner is someone that has the experience and relationships to cut through all the hard work.  The work that will take you hours of online research, phone calls and appointments.  A planner will take your pinterest pages and help you identify what you really like, and what’s really jumping out at you, and more importantly help you understand how you can translate some of those beautifully outrageous pictures into something that is appropriate  for the size, scale and budget that you are working with.

We at Accolade of London Wedding planners provide many different options. Full service, will allow you to work with us from beginning to end.  This is truly where the maximum benefit of a planner can be felt as we can help you with your budget and identify the areas that you feel are where you want to put your resources and then direct you to services we feel you will get the maximum return on your investment.  Other packages are “Tie it All Together”, where we can come in about three months prior to the weekend and help you pull the finishing touches together and be there to make sure the wedding day goes perfectly.  Then lastly there is the Wedding Weekend.  We don’t just show up on the day so please understand there is time needed to understand what you want done and understand enough about you and the wedding so that if in an emergency we had to make a call we could do so on your behalf.

Interview your planner in person.  A planner’s service is personal, it’ not tangible, it’s experienced, and it can’t be truly experienced when exchanging emails and only asking about price.  I personally want to meet in person or via Skype/Facetime if clients are out of town, because I want my clients to understand who I am, what’s important to me, how I work and how I develop my relationship from the beginning interview to the wedding day. Accolade of London has been in business for 27 years.  You don’t stay in business that long without delivering top quality service wedding after wedding.

Give us a call today…  you nothing to lose, but a stress free wedding to gain.


I came originally from London, England, hence the company name. I arrived in the United States 25 years ago for work, met my husband and soon made our home in Indianapolis, Indiana. My passion is to help all clients take the worry and stress out of their event, while making sure that their budget is respectfully considered at all steps of the event planning. My clients gain a team member who prides themselves on making sure every detail is thought through and diligently processed, making sure your event is efficient, effective and most importantly, enjoyable.