As creativity drives the wedding realm more and more each season, it’s important that we find new trends that offer an unique alternative to a rather common wedding aspect such as…flowers! With all seasons in mind, let these fun ways to change up your florals inspire your planning!

Add Other Nature Elements

Florals alone offer a beautiful aspect to the wedding decor, however, when you mix in other natural elements such as vines, foliage, and even tree branches, you provide an earthy, unique alternative to the general floral bouquet! Extra tip? Mix and match the natural elements in each bouquet to offer an even more one-of-a-kind floral arrangement!

Color Separating & Blocking

Separating and blocking colors out of your color palette is a simple way to add a change of pace! Separate all colors involved in your palette, whether it be two or six, and coordinate all aspects of the table to that specific color (i.e. napkins, glassware, etc.). By separating and blocking your colors, you provide your guests with a different feel at each table, bringing the perfect contrast!

Make A “Grand” Entrance

A wonderful way to have floral arrangements offer the perfect unique factor is by incorporating them into an entrance way! Whether it be the archway at the ceremony or the entrance into the reception space, these magnificently bountiful florals capture a distinctive ‘awe-inspiring’ feel!

We hope these tips helped inspire a few wonderful floral ideas for your upcoming big day! Remember, if these tips aren’t for you, that’s okay! As long as the day resembles your style and vibe, that’s all that matters! We’re here to help with any suggestions along the way!

Your Friends,

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