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Although 2016 has come and gone, it brought several trends that some are convinced will last at least a few wedding seasons. However, there are many others that feel differently and believe that numerous unique and new trends will take the reins in 2017. Below, are a few of those fresh trends that will either be hits for the season or won’t even make it on the list! Let’s see what you think of these possible 2017 trends!

Incorporation Of Heritage & Home-Grown! For 2017, as we continue to love and utilize the vintage wedding trend, we will begin to see an incorporation of family roots, traditions, and items as part of the couple’s big day. This will be done in several aspects anywhere from the wedding gown to the reception decor!

Mother Nature Will Be The Root of 2017! As earthy and natural tones continue to take off in the wedding realm, 2017 will bring with it an abundance of various plants, succulents, and even small trees to include as centerpieces, party favors and decor items!

Champagne, Copper & Rose Gold For The Win! With bright and bold colors going out of style, we will see a fixation on softer shades of neutral colors! Rose gold will continue to trend even more in the 2017 season as will warmer neutral champagne and copper tones.

Refined & Individualized Styles Will Be Praised! Rustic has been quite the trend the past few wedding seasons, but in 2017 that may change as brides are beginning to DIY less and individualize more. Instead of creating rustic-themed items, brides will utilize fine china and decor pieces from past family generations.

Beach Honeymoons Are Out – Adventure Has Taken Its Place! Yes you read that correctly, even the honeymoon trend will have some changes!  We will begin seeing couples opting out on your typical all-inclusive beach vacation and getting a little riskier with their destination spot! Ziplining, skydiving, scuba diving, white water rafting and hiking will be at the top of the list for these 2017 adventurous newlyweds!

Do you think these trends will thrive in the 2017 wedding season? Maybe you are a bride or groom getting married this year, which is awesome! Hopefully some of these ideas will provide you with a bit of a leeway on creating your dream celebration! If these styles or trends aren’t your thing, that’s okay too! Just remember to keep the wedding about you both and what you love and it will be a wonderful celebration!

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Photo taken by Jennifer Van Elk Photographer

Venue: Ritz Charles